Hosts with passion

Heartfelt hospitality

From the heart

Hospitality is not a meaningless word here at the Sonklarhof. Hospitality is lived every day anew. It’s our passion, which we pass on from generation to generation. This spirit of cordiality exudes throughout the hotel. Come in and let us spoil you! We make your holiday the most beautiful time of the year. This makes us happy – and you will surely be too.

Pure joy of life

Feel nature, enjoy silence. Breathing pure life. It is our life’s mission, our vocation, to enable you to enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the full. Our hospitality comes from the heart and touches the heart. This connects us and brings us closer together. Resulting in pure joy of life. A wonderful feeling!

Whatever your heart desires

Holiday is leisure time. Holiday is freedom. We make sure that no wish remains unfulfilled day after day. Together with our employees we create a small oasis of comfort, well-being and happiness at the Sonklarhof. Lean back, close your eyes! Listen carefully! What does your heart desire on holiday?

Centuries-old tradition

Our family history


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