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Beautiful from head to toe

Oh, how good that feels! A bit of time out just for you! Beauty care from head to toe can be so simple – and so wonderful: make an appointment, enjoy a beauty treatment in a relaxed atmosphere and feel completely at ease. Our professional employees ensure your well-being with proven natural products. With special treatments for women, men and our young guests.

Alkaline feel-good programme

Our everyday life often makes us “sour”. Annoyance, stress, food and medication cause our body to become acidic. The consequence: lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, gout, rheumatism and osteoporosis, allergies, sleep disorders, migraines, hair loss, ageing skin, pimples and cellulite.

Acid-alkali check

After recording your personal data, the acidosis symptoms are determined based on the three metabolic types.
50 minutes – € 65,00

Alkaline herbal stamp massage

A massage with warm herbal stamps is one of the most intensive treatments to purify, regenerate and nourish skin. It stimulates the metabolism and boosts the blood circulation.
55 minutes – € 60,00

Alkaline back treatment

The honey and salt crystal paste removes acids from the muscles and lungs through the pumping movements. The back massage afterwards with St. John’s wort oil relaxes the nerves, muscles and the spaces between the intervertebral discs.
50 minutes ­– € 53,00

Alkaline body scrub with honey and salt crystal paste

The whole body is massaged using the honey and salt crystal paste in the directions of excretion, thus removing harmful acids.
45 minutes – € 45,00

Ear candle therapy

As the ear candle burns down, warmth and herbal active ingredients are combined, resulting in a pleasant regulation of pressure in the inner ear area. This stimulates the blood circulation and activates purification. With short face and neck drainage.
45 minutes – € 45,00

Intensive full body deacidification

The body is massaged using the honey and salt crystal paste, thus removing harmful acids. After the massage, the cupping massage speeds up the removal of waste products. The foot reflexology massage afterwards gets the excretory organs going.
80 minutes – € 88,00

Head to toe deacidification package

  • Salt and oil massage
  • Cayenne pepper gel wrap
  • Alkaline facial: scrub and massage
  • Ear candle treatment: detoxifies and purifies the head area

110 minutes – € 110,00

Holistic alkaline treatment programme

If you are “sour”, we can help you! With our holistic alkaline treatment programme to cleanse and regenerate your body and restore its balance. Alkaline-rich nutrition based on Dr. h.c. Jentschura and body cleansing treatments with moderate exercise are the key to success.

5 weekdays:

  • Alkaline-rich breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Plenty of tea and water
  • Treatment package for use in your room consisting of: 750 g “Meine Base”, 165 g “Wurzelkraft”, 100 g “7x7-Tee”, 1 pair of alkaline tights, 1 nasal rinsing cup, 1 enema kit, 1 hand and nail brush

Supporting programme (from Monday to Friday):

  • Wholemeal, alkaline-rich breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Welcome drink
  • Briefing on the processes
  • Weekly schedule
  • “How to successfully purify yourself” lecture
  • Explanation of “treatment package”
  • Alkaline steam bath
  • Room treatments in the evening: alkaline bath
  • Alkaline waking up in your room
  • Alkaline salt and honey back massage
  • Room treatments in the evening: alkaline enema
  • Foot spa and sharing experiences
  • Alkaline salt and oil massage with steam bath treatment afterwards
  • Room treatments in the evening: alkaline bath, alkaline tights
  • 1½ hour intensive face and full body deacidification
  • Alkaline oil bath
  • Relaxation in a group with a warm, alkaline body wrap in the Sonnenschlössl
  • Daily exercise sessions in the group: hiking, aqua aerobics, fitness in the gym
  • Interview before you leave

Price for 5-day alkaline treatment programme €420.00 per person. Not included: Room category and full board

Piroche Cosmétiques

Nature, beauty, cosmetics – Piroche Cosmétiques focuses on this harmonious trio. Using selected natural and active plant extracts (purest essential oils, clay ...), which are individually adapted to your needs, impressive success is visible after just a few treatments. You can even take natural beauty with you from our beauty shop!

Piroche Cosmétiques basic treatment

An effective combination of active natural substances promotes the renewal and smoothing of skin.
80 minutes – € 70,00

Alpine rose body scrub

Silky smooth skin with the precious essential oil of the alpine rose, Swiss stone pine oil, mallow and marigold.
25 minutes – € 30,00

Alpine rose facial

For resistant, nourished skin through the power of the alpine rose – a pampering programme against skin ageing.
80 minutes – € 75,00

Modelling mask

Facial treatment with a professional lifting mask that helps the complexion glow and become compact: brightening, firming, luxurious.
80 minutes – € 80,00

Alpine rose massage

A relaxing and caring treat with the precious essential oil of the alpine rose, arnica, evening primrose oil and vitamin E.
50 minutes – € 53,00

Cellulite system

Unsightly cellulite can really spoil the summer. But skin looks visibly firmer and smoother with our treatments. And small fatty deposits are also reduced in no time at all. You’ll be happy to show off your legs again!

Sea salt peel

25 minutes – € 30,00

Algae wraps

Precious algae and minerals reduce water retention and stimulate fat burning.
50 minutes – € 50,00

Intensive cellulite treatment

With special products and cupping massage.
50 minutes – € 50,00

Gentlemen’s days

Where men get something out of it!

A man’s business

3 wonderfully relaxing days ...

  • Full facial
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Reflexology and back massage with acupressure points
  • Bath of your choice

3 days – € 230,00

Introductory offer

  • Mini facial with deep cleansing and head massage
  • Manicure with hand peel and wrap

80 minutes – € 70,00

Facial for him

Deep cleansing, peeling, cleansing, facial massage and wrap.
50 minutes – € 53,00

Back hair removal

€ 25,00

Sensitive touch

A wellness massage not only relaxes tense muscles, but restores the body, mind and soul’s harmony. Our employees are professionals and show great sensitivity. Tapping, kneading, stroking, plucking, pulling – a good massage is real handiwork!

Anti-stress massage

Effective, relaxing elements are borrowed from several types of massage, stress-related tension is released and combined to form a unique calming therapy.
45 minutes – € 39,00

Back massage

Warm St. John’s wort oil relieves your back pain. Beneficial for your intervertebral discs, soothing for your nerves.
25 minutes – € 29,00

Aromatherapy massage

The ideal combination of a classic massage and the effect of warm, highly effective oils. Complete well-being included.
50 minutes – € 53,00

Hot chocolate

Warm cocoa oil for an extra portion of care for your skin. With the wonderful aroma of chocolate.
50 minutes – € 53,00

Sea salt peel

25 minutes – € 30,00

Hot honey

Enjoy a healing massage with all the benefits of warm honey oil. Soothing, strengthening, combats dry skin, coughs and colds.
50 minutes – € 53,00

Abhyanga ayurvedic massage

The most famous of ayurvedic massages. An indescribable feeling of wholeness and fullness when the skin is doused with special oil and then sensitively massaged with soft hands.
50 minutes – € 55,00
80 minutes – € 80,00

Perfect Ayurveda – Abhyanga

Silk glove peel, massage based on ancient Indian tradition with sesame oil, Dosha bath and relaxation ritual. Please allow 2 hours for this!
When booking in the afternoon – € 90,00
When booking in the morning – € 80,00

Hot stone massage

Deep relaxation through the power of stones. The stones are placed on specific energy points on the body and used for massage. For a holistic body treatment.
50 minutes hot stone back massage – € 55,00
80 minutes – € 85,00

Lymph stimulating full body massage

Light, pumping movements boost the drainage of water retention in tissue. Detoxifying and draining.
45 minutes – € 40,00

Foot reflexology

Specific points on the foot that reflect the different organs and bodily functions are worked on using this technique and stimulated or calmed as a result.
45 minutes – € 43,00

Time-out massage

This special massage is based on tried and tested techniques. The back, shoulders and neck, main joints of the body are massaged as well as specific relaxation points on the head and face. Ideal to reduce stress, awakens vitality and performs outstanding services in preventing burnout.
50 minutes – € 55,00

Breuss massage with St. John’s wort oil

Gentle and energetic spine massage with back stretching to release physical tension. The regeneration of poorly supplied intervertebral discs is also activated and the muscles along the spine are loosened.
25 minutes – € 35,00

Therapeutic treatments

Our massages and feel-good treatments do you a power of good when everything pinches, sore muscles become noticeable or you feel persistently tense. But sometimes a therapist is called for. You are in the best hands with Thomas, a qualified physiotherapist, lymphatic drainage therapist and sports masseur.

Appointments can also be made by email:


Back, neck, shoulders
30 minutes – € 31,00
Surcharge with natural oils – € 2,00

Leg massage

For heavy, tired legs and sore muscles
30 minutes – € 31,00
Surcharge with natural oils – € 2,00

Therapeutic neck treatment

Massage, acupressure, stretching
30 minutes – € 31,00
Surcharge with natural oils – € 2,00

Full body massage

45 minutes – € 41,00
Surcharge with natural oils – € 2,00

Lymph drainage

30 minutes – € 31,00
45 minutes – € 42,00
60 minutes – € 52,00

Fango mud wrap

30-45 minutes – € 31,00

Fango mud wrap & massage

60 minutes – € 50,00
Surcharge with natural oils – € 2,00

Back/neck problems

Examination and creation of an individual exercise training programme for back/neck problems at home
45 minutes – € 41,00

Foot reflexology

30 minutes – € 31,00

Physical therapy

Application in the field of physical therapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound ...) after various injuries and chronic pain.
30 minutes – € 31,00

Examination and consultation

Examination and treatment after injuries and for back problems.
€ 31,00

Baths in the multifunctional tub

Our Sonnenschlössl is a pure bathing dream! Invigorating water, fragrant oils, essences and herbs, fragrant hay – that’s pure relaxation!

Hay bath

You are wrapped in soaked mountain hay and lie in a warming bed for about 30 minutes and sweat. Highly recommended for colds and rheumatic complaints.
25 minutes – € 45,00

Arnica bath

This bath has a particularly regenerating effect on joints and muscles, prevents rheumatic complaints and promotes general well-being!
25 minutes – € 45,00

Fango mud bath

Helps with chronic inflammation, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatic diseases.
25 minutes – € 45,00

Introduction to Thalasso

  • Sea salt bath in the multifunctional tub
  • Full body massage with warm olive oil
  • Rest – tea

Please allow 2 hours for this!
When booking in the afternoon – € 90,00
When booking in the morning – € 85,00

Sea salt bath with aromatic oils

Relaxes and stabilizes the skin’s protective acid mantle. Uric acid crystals are dissolved. It also supplies skin with magnesium and trace elements. Recommended for rheumatic complaints.
25 minutes – € 45,00

Multi-bath treatments

Individual treatment without massage, 25 minutes – € 45,00
As cycle with massage, 80 minutes – € 70,00

Chrystal – with the power of the mountains

Back to our roots, back to ourselves! Chrystal is the most natural concept to care for beauty and vitality. Developed in Tyrol, it makes unadulterated use of the vital force of our mountain nature and cultivates the authentic principles of regionalism. The guaranteed pure, hand-made natural products are used expertly to create a bio-power elixir for the skin, hair and body.

Herbal stamp with relaxation massage

Calming, relaxing, for exhaustion, insomnia and nervous disorders. Full body massage with St. John’s wort massage milk and stimulation with steam-heated herbal stamps to open the pores further.
50 minutes – € 60,00

Vital wrap

The immune system is strengthened after sporting activities – balsam for muscles and tendons.
50 minutes – € 52,00

Chrystal relax & harmony

Herbal foot bath and foot massage with St. John’s wort cream, head massage with arnica tonic and facial massage with St. John’s wort, chamomile or honey care cream. Relaxing massage with St. John’s wort massage milk and steam-heated herbal stamps.
110 minutes – € 110,00

Chrystal facial

100% purely organic products with no preservatives, colourings or fragrances. For instantly visible treatment success, a wrap is chosen to suit the skin type: “Anti Age”, “Hydratand” or “Sensitive”.
80 minutes – € 70,00

Swiss stone pine vitality massage

Relaxation through heated Swiss stone pine sticks and Swiss stone pine massage milk (arnica or honey), which penetrates deep into the muscle layers and improves the entire body’s blood circulation, boosts the energy flow and loosens tension and blockages.
Full body massage with face
Approx. 80 minutes – € 80,00
Full body massage without face
Approx. 50 minutes – € 50,00
Facial massage
Approx. 30 minutes – € 30,00

Beauty treatments

Beautiful from head to toe – because you’re worth it! You can find the complete repertoire of classical beauty care in our beauty salon. If you feel good, you get more out of life – and out of your holiday at the Sonklarhof in any case!

Full facial

Deep cleansing, peeling, cleansing, eyebrow shape, ampoule, massage, mask and day cream.
When booking in the morning you also get a free manicure with this treatment!
80 minutes – € 70,00

Refreshment treatment

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shape and pack.
50 minutes – € 53,00

General treatments

Eyelash tint – € 15,00
Eyebrow tint – € 10,00

Manicure and pedicure

Pedicure with nail polish – € 45,00
Pedicure without nail polish – € 40,00
Manicure with nail polish – € 35,00
Manicure without nail polish – € 30,00
Nail polish – € 5,00 / semi-permanent € 10,00

Facial hair removal using wax

Upper lip wax – € 10,00
Eyebrow shape – € 10,00

Body hair removal using wax

Back wax – € 25,00
Bikini line or underarm wax – Each approx. € 10,00–20,00
Full leg wax – € 35,00
Half leg wax – € 25,00
Arm wax – € 20,00

For our young guests

Wellness is not just good for adults. Our children and young people today also often have a hectic everyday life that hardly allows them to enjoy any peace and quiet. And beauty, after all, needs to be nurtured at a young age. So our offers with an extra portion of pizazz are just right.

Wellness for children

Hot chocolate
25 minutes – € 35,00
Hot stone
25 minutes – € 40,00
Beautiful hands and varnish
15 minutes – € 15,00
Beautiful feet and varnish
15 minutes – € 15,00
25 minutes – € 30,00

Healthy sweating

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