Sweating is healthy

Sweating in style

Saunas based on an old tradition

You’re right, we didn’t invent it. But it doesn’t matter. Because saunas have a long tradition at our hotel, which we gladly maintain. You will really get sweating in the dry heat of our Finnish sauna. A real benefit for the body and soul.

Just let off steam

Passionate sauna-goers get their money’s worth at the Sonklarhof – and can let off steam by totally relaxing in our steam sauna. As stress and hectic evaporate very quickly and burdensome everyday worries literally vanish into thin air.

Heat feels so good!

Our everyday life holds quite a bit of tension in store for us. Your holiday with us at the Sonklarhof is just perfect for this. Tense muscles do not stand a chance in our infrared cabin. A pleasant new feeling for your body is your well-deserved reward.

Relaxing retreats

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