Hotel with pool near Sterzing: indoor and outdoor pools, and much more


Indoor and outdoor pool… and much more

Take a dip in the water and forget all about your to-do list. Press pause for a few hours and treat yourself to something special. Where is the perfect place to do this? At the Sonklarhof, a hotel with a pool in South Tyrol, of course!


Swim your lengths leisurely, feel the beneficial effects of the warm water, close your eyes and relax – and when you open them again, you’ll have nothing but nature in sight and the sun on your skin! A hotel with pool near Sterzing and fascinating mountains all around – relaxation is made easy in our infinity pool with a fantastic 29° C.


Especially in summer, when the sun shines high above the Ridnauntal valley, a dip in the spring water is sure to be an invigorating Alpine experience. Throw in a couple of whirlpools, a wonderfully large sauna world, and you have the perfect place to relax.

Swimming fun with a fresh boost

Whether it’s early in the morning to wake up or in the afternoon after a strenuous mountain tour – a refreshing swim in our indoor and outdoor pool awakens the spirits, relaxes tense muscles and is simply fun at any time of the day. Floating towards the mountains in the infinity pool is also something truly incredible.

Time out in the whirlpool

Feel the tingling warmth, almost floating, tune in to the soothing murmur of the bubbling water – your tired spirits will be quickly revived and ready for new activities around the Sonklarhof among the amazing mountains in South Tyrol.

Untamed wanderlust

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