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Hotel Sonklarhof OHG der Klotz Leider & Co.
Ridnaun/Ridanna, Dorf 16
I – 39040 Ratschings/Racines, Italy

+39 0472 656212

P.IVA – ID. no. IT00676940216
Entry in commercial register no. BZ 101266 C.C.I.A.A.
Trib. no. BZ 9438/9875

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hantha - Web Agency Typo3
Dick 48/B - 39058 Sarntal
South Tyrol - Italy


Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation for Hotels

Game changing hospitality marketing on autopilot
Zona Industriale 1/5 - Eurocenter
I - 39011 Lana
South Tyrol / Italy
Tel +39 0473 538800

As a hotel marketing agency, ADDITIVE supports renowned hotel companies in the areas of online marketing for hotels, hotel marketing automation and hotel marketing software specifically tailored to requirements of the hotel industry. ADDITIVE focuses on transparent measurable results, online marketing know-how in the hotel industry and innovative software solutions, especially in the areas of hotel marketing automation with ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, hotel e-mail marketing and newsletter with ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER as well as coupon marketing and software hotel with ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS. In the development of new software and marketing solutions, ADDITIVE is always mindful of data protection and GDPR compliance, more information on this can be found on this website under Privacy.


  • Bildarchiv Sonklarhof
  • Heike Katthagen
  • Associazione turistica Racines // Guus Reinartz, Manuel Kottersteger
  • Cooperativa turistica Vipiteno Pfitsch Freienfeld // Alex Filz, Stephanie Defregger, Guus Reinartz
  • Idm // Benjamin Pfitscher, Alex Filz, Stefano Scatà, Kristen-J. Sörries, Matt Cherubino
  • Pexels // Daniel Reche
  • Unsplash // Theme Photos, Alexandra Golovac, Carolyn V, Daniel Plan, Darko Nesic, Julain Schiemann, Lance Anderson, Leonardo Yip, Max Itin, Maxi Am Brunnen, Patrick Hendry, Toa Heftiba, Vicente Nunez, Guzmán Barquín, Matthew Fassnacht, Francis Bouffard, Carlos Hinojosa Zuniga, Daniel Sessler
  • Pixabay // Photo Mix, Amber McNulty
  • Shutterstock // Robert Przybysz, Angela Rohde, klikkipetra, BAO-Images Bildagentur, Norman Krauss
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