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Look more beautiful

Our cosmetic classics


Those who look well cared for can get more out of life - professionally, privately, in every respect! The complete repertoire of extensive beauty treatments awaits you in our fine cosmetic studio. With this mind, you do not actually need a lot - from time to time maybe one or two intensive treatments are enough to replenish your new attractiveness, making you look fabulous long after your holiday has come to an end. Cosmetissimo!

Complete facial treatment

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, light cleansing, eyebrow sculpting, ampoule, massage, mask and day care cream.


You get a free manicure included should you book in the morning!


90 minutes
€ 60.00
Complete facial treatment
Refreshing treatments

Cleansing, exfoliation, light cleansing, eyebrow sculpting and mask.


60 minutes
€ 45.00
General applications
Eyelash tinting
€ 13.00
Make-up advice
€ 30.00
Eyebrow tinting
€ 8.00
Manicure & pedicure
hnd, foot and nail care
Foot care without nail polish
€ 30.00
Foot care with nail polish
€ 35.00
Manicure with nail polish
€ 25.00
Manicure without nail polish
€ 20.00
Nail polish
€ 5.00
Manicure & pedicure
Facial hair removal
with wax
Upper lip
€ 8.00
Eyebrow sculpting
€ 8.00
Body hair removal
with wax
€ 25.00
Bikini line or under arm, each
€ 15.00
Full leg
€ 35.00
Lower half leg
€ 25.00
€ 20.00