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Holistic alkaline regime flushes away the bad moods!

Alkaline balance boosts high spirits


Regular cleansing and regeneration has been promoted for generations. In today's fast-moving world, measures that bring the body back into balance should be used more and more often. Experience a diet containing excess alkalis formulated by Dr. h.c. Jentschura and body cleansing treatments with moderate exercise.


Benefits and accompanying programme

From Sunday, 28.01. to 04.02.2018 and from Sunday, 29.04. to 06.05.2018


5 weekdays

  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal containing excess alkalis
  • Sufficient tea and water
  • Cure package for in-room treatments consisting of: 750 g "Meine Base" (bath salt), 165 g "Wurzelkraft" (supplement), 100 g "7x7-Tee" (herbal tea), 1 pair of alkalizing stockings, 1 neti pot, 1 irrigator, 1 hand and nailbrush


Accompanying programme (from Monday to Friday)

  • Wholesome breakfast, lunch and evening meal containing excess alkalis
  • Welcome drink
  • Briefing on the procedures
  • Weekly plan
  • Presentation on "How can I purify myself successfully?"
  • "Cure package" guide
  • Alkaline steam bath
  • In-room treatment of an evening: alkaline full bath
  • Alkaline awakening in the room
  • Alkaline salt-honey massage of the back
  • In-room treatment of an evening: alkaline enema
  • Foot bath and exchange of experiences
  • Alkaline salt-oil massage followed by
  • Steam bath treatment
  • In-room treatment of an evening: alkaline full bath, alkaline stockings
  • 1½ hours intensive facial and whole body deacidification
  • Alkaline oil bath
  • Group relaxation with warm, alkaline body wrap at the "Sonnenschlössl"
  • Daily group exercise programme - hiking, water aerobics, gymnastics in the fitness room
  • Concluding discussion


Price for 5-day alkaline regime: € 420.00 per person. Not included: room type and full board