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Chrystal. Power of the Alps

The vitality of our mountain nature


Back to the roots, back to ourselves! Chrystal is the most natural concept for maintaining beauty and vitality. Developed in Tyrol, it genuinely harnesses the vitality of our mountain nature and fosters the authentic principles of regionalism more than others. Competently applied, the guaranteed pure, natural products created by hand delivers your skin, hair and body an elixir of a pure organic nature.

Relaxation massage
with St. John's wort massage milk

Calming, relaxing, for fatigue, insomnia and nervous disorders. The whole body is massaged with St. John's wort massage milk and stimulated thereafter with heated herbal bundles so that the pores are opened up further.


50 minutes
€ 60.00
Relaxation massage
Vitality wrap

This wrap is "a balm for muscles and tendons." The immune system is strengthened after sporting exertion.


60 minutes
€ 50.00
Purification wrap

The detoxification process in the body is encouraged by the active ingredient of juniper. Your body's natural drainage process is additionally stimulated. Proven at combating cellulite.


60 minutes
€ 50.00
Chrystal Relax & Harmony

Herbal footbath combined with a foot massage with St. John's wort cream, head massage with arnica tonic and facial massage with St. John's wort, chamomile or honey-nourishing cream. Relaxing massage with St. John's wort massage milk and steam heated herbal bundles, time to rest up.


120 minutes
€ 95.00
Chrystal Relax & Harmony
Chrystal facial treatment

100 % pure organic products without added preservatives, colourants and fragrances. A skin-friendly mask for immediately visible treatment responses is selected: "Anti-age", "Hydrating" or "Sensitive".


90 minutes
€ 60.00
Regenerating wrap

This wrap is a balm for the skin and nerves, and works by effecting cell regeneration, lifting mood and calming the nerves, it also tightens skin and your connective tissues.


60 minutes
€ 50.00