Alpine tours in the Ridnaun/Ridanna mountains

Ridnaun/Ridanna summiteers

Unforgettable mountain experiences

Anyone who has already experienced the mountains in Ridnaun/Ridanna cannot get enough of them. Wilder Freiger, Zuckerhütl or our namesake Sonklarspitze are just three examples of many. The sweaty ascent, which requires sure-footedness and experience in the mountains, is rewarded with an emotional panoramic view of the South Tyrolean mountains.

Safe tours in the mountains

Ambitious mountaineers have plenty of choice of rewarding summit destinations in Ridnaun/Ridanna. Under the safe guidance of an experienced mountain guide, every tour, however demanding, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. During a stop at one of the high alpine refuges you will experience a very special friendly atmosphere, which will make you return to the mountains again and again.

Endless freedom

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