Paragliding in Ridnaun/Ridanna

From a bird’s eye perspective

That’s freedom!

Glide elegantly through the air, enjoy the freedom and see nothing but nature. Paragliders will find the best conditions for their dream sport in Ridnaun/Ridanna. The Elleswiesen and Gewingesalm high above the valley are particularly popular starting points for real nature experiences from a bird’s eye perspective due to their location and their thermals. That’s Hike&Fly as it should be!

The dream of flying

Who doesn’t have it, the dream of flying! If you want to make this come true, then Jochroppn Ridnaun is the right contact for you. Not just for a shuttle service to your starting point, but also for an unforgettable tandem flight. What you have to bring with you? Good shoes, appropriate clothing and your dream of flying!

Culture, indulgence & shopping

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