Not only South Tyrolean wines

Exclusive labels and renowned wines


Whether paired with a gourmet dinner, during an enjoyable detour to the bar or directly in the wine cellar – in our South Tyrolean wine hotel, we know which wine is best and when. Of course, nothing is more beautiful than drinking your favourite wine in the magnificent mountain world of the Ridnauntal valley or discovering something new!

Fabulous food and fine wines

Real gourmets can confirm: the best food is only rounded off perfectly with the right wine. We hoard fine wines in our wine cellar at the Sonklarhof: fine wines from South Tyrol and other selected wine-growing regions will make connoisseurs rejoice.


For us, wine is an experience in a glass, and the wine cellar is our treasure trove. We also believe that a good wine makes every culinary experience even more extraordinary. In our wine cellar, we have great classics, special rarities, and many new bottles. As you can see, there’s a reason why our wine hotel in South Tyrol is a popular destination for connoisseurs who appreciate fine wines.


A good glass of wine is not just any drink! It delights the palate, invigorates the senses and simply does you good. It is not for nothing that you wish for an honestly meant “Cheers!”, “Here’s to you!” or “To your good health!” when you raise your glasses together with friends.

Enchanting culinary delights

Our gourmet cuisine


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