Meeting place in the mountains

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Innkeeper Anna Klotz Haller

After the death of her parents and brother Leopold, the inn passed into the hands of Anna Klotz (1855-1932) in 1881. I wonder how many young men would have asked for her hand in marriage, as she owned a farm, a forge and a sawmill in addition to the inn. After a long period of courtship, she finally gave in and married Stefan Haller from Mareit/Mareta – but also only after he had given her an ultimatum in one of his letters with the words “yes or over”. During this time the inn was also give a new name and became the “Zum Steinbock” inn.

The freedom of the mountains

When the Stubai Alps became the focus of research around the middle of the 19th century, an interest in the mountains was quickly awakened. More and more adventurous mountain climbers found their way to Ridnaun/Ridanna, and numerous peaks were climbed for the first time during this time. They were joined by more and more tourists and nature lovers looking for freedom in the mountains. Various sections of the German and Austrian Alpine Club built several refuges, which offered food and shelter to tired mountaineers.

Tourism pioneer Stefan Haller

The “Zum Steinbock” landlord Stefan Haller (1844-1915) was a man of vision and a pioneer in tourism from the very beginning. His contemporaries even called him the “father of the Ridnauntal/Val Ridanna”. From the very beginning he supported the Alpine Club’s efforts to build shelters on the mountains in Ridnaun/Ridanna with goodwill and above all with energy. To cope with the ever-increasing stream of tourists, he built the first hotel in the valley above his inn, the Sonklarhof – named after the Alpine researcher Carl Albrecht Sonklar von Innstädten.

Centuries-old tradition

Our family history


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