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"Multi-talented": This tub is really something!

Indulge your senses


The Sonnenschlössl is rich with baths. Immerse, revive yourself! Precious water, splendid, fragrant, with selected essences, oils and herbs … bathe in hay, treat yourself to some recuperation time!

Hay bath

You are packed in soaked mountain hay and lie for approx. 30 minutes in a warm bed and perspire. Especially recommended for colds and rheumatic disorders.


30 minutes
€ 35.00
Hay bath
Stone oil bath

This bath has an especially regenerating effect on the joints and muscles, hinders rheumatic disorders and promotes overall well-being!


30 minutes
€ 35.00
Mud bath - fango

Helps with chronic inflammation, with degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, of the rheumatic type.


30-45 minutes
€ 25.00
Getting to know Thalasso
  • A sea salt exfoliation
  • Sea salt bath in the multifunctional tub
  • A full body massage with warm olive oil


Please allow yourself 2 hours of time!

When booking in the afternoon
€ 90.00
When booking in the morning
€ 80.00
Getting to know Thalasso
Sea salt bath
with aromatic oils

Relaxes and stabilizes the skin's acid resistant mantle. Uric acid crystals are dissolved. Furthermore, it supplies the skin with magnesium and micronutrients. Advisable for rheumatic disorders.


30 minutes
€ 35.00
Multibath applications
Single treatment without massage
€ 35.00
As a cycle including 90-minute massage
€ 60.00