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A sensitive touch for the body, mind and soul

Professionals for the wellness massage


Kneading, pummelling, strokes, twitching, stretching - it goes without saying that the most proven massage techniques are mastered at the Sonklarhof. In addition to all the classics, you will also find revolutionary applications and some "exotic highlights". Of course, all performed by highly trained specialists who not only understand their "trade", but are also proven when it comes to finesse on a human level ...


A massage encompasses the whole nature of a human being, loosens tense muscles and brings the body, mind and soul into harmony.

Anti-stress massage

Effective, relaxing elements are taken from a variety of massage types, stress-related tension relieved and joined into a unique calming therapy.


45 minutes
€ 37.00
Back massage
with warm St. John's wort oil

Alleviate your back pain, soothe your spinal discs and calm your nerves.


30 minutes
€ 28.00
Aromatherapy oil massage
with warm mineral oils

An ideal combination of classic massage and the effect of warm, highly effective mineral oils. The massage is therefore taken to a new level. You are guaranteed a total feeling of well-being.


50 minutes
€ 48.00
Hot chocolate
with warm cocoa oil

Very nourishing for the skin, with the wonderful aroma of chocolate.


50 minutes
€ 48.00
Sea salt exfoliation
30 minutes
€ 30.00
Sea salt exfoliation
Hot honey
with warm honey oil

Enjoy a healing massage with all the benefits of honey. Calming, replenishment, dry skin, coughs, cold.


50 minutes
€ 48.00
Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage

The most famous of the Ayurvedic massages. An indescribable feeling of wholeness and richness, when warm, special oil is poured over every centimetre of the skin, to then be sensitively massaged with soft hands.


60 minutes
€ 53.00
90 minutes
€ 78.00
Perfect Ayurveda - Abhyanga
  • Silk glove exfoliation
  • Massage according to the Indian tradition with sesame oil
  • Dosha bath and relaxation ritual


Please allow yourself 2 hours of time!

When booking in the afternoon
€ 90.00
When booking in the morning
€ 80.00
Hot stone massage

Deep relaxation through the power of stones. The stones are placed on certain energy points of the body and applied for direct massage. In doing so, the whole body achieves a feeling of total awareness.


60 minutes - Hot Stone for the back
€ 55.00
90 minutes
€ 85.00
Lymph stimulating whole body massage

Light, pumping movements promote the discharge of water accumulation in the tissue. This massage has a detoxifying and draining effect.


45 minutes
€ 40.00
Foot reflexology

Points on the foot, which mirror the different organs and bodily functions, are dealt with through this technique and can be energized or calmed in doing so.


45 minutes
€ 40.00