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The "base of well-being"

The alkaline base well-being programme


The acidification of the body leads to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, gout, rheumatism, osteoporosis, allergies, sleep disorders, migraines, hair loss, aging skin, pimples, cellulite, etc.


Origin of acids: stress, anger, negative thoughts, too shallow breathing, strenuous bodily activity, acidic foods, painkillers. Counterbalance your minor sins with alkaline personal care.

Check of the overall acidity/alkalinity

Gathering of personal data. Determination of hyperacidity symptoms according to the three types of metabolism.


60 minutes
€ 65.00
Alkaline herbal bundle massage

The massage, which is conducted in the elimination directions with warm herbal bundles, certainly constitutes one of the most intensive purification, regeneration and skin care treatments. The metabolism is additionally boosted and the circulation encouraged.


55 minutes
€ 60.00
Alkaline back treatment

A tensed musculature signals acidity. The honey-salt crystal paste extracts the acids from the musculature and the lungs using pumping movements. The following back massage with St. John's wort oil relaxes the nerves, musculature and the spaces between the spinal discs.


55 minutes
€ 50.00
Alkaline back treatment
Alkaline exfoliating body scrub
with a honey-salt crystal paste

The body is massaged with a honey-salt crystal paste in the elimination directions and thus harmful acids released.


45 minutes
€ 35.00
Alkaline wrap

Alkaline wraps promote the purification process. The alkaline pH value and the compression bring about an increased withdrawal of acids and toxins through the skin. The treatment focuses on the cleaning of the tissues and removal of metabolically harmful toxins from them (cellulitis).


50 minutes
€ 50.00
Ear candle therapy

Through burning of the ear candle, warmth and botanical ingredients are brought together in a gentle manner and this leads to a positive pressure regulation in the inner ear area. The blood circulation is encouraged and the purification activated. With brief face and neck drainage.


45 minutes
€ 35.00
The alkaline fleece mask

The moist fleece mask is applied to the freshly cleansed face for about 20 minutes. The alkalinity of the alkaline mask leads to the withdrawal of acids and harmful substances through the sebaceous glands and thereby causing an enjoyable self-oiling and regeneration sensation of the skin.


60 minutes
€ 40.00
Intensive full-body deacidification

The body is massaged with a honey-salt crystal paste and thus harmful acids released. After the massage, the pores are opened and the elimination of waste products is accelerated by cupping massage over the lymph. The ensuing foot reflexology massage brings our excretory organs into full swing.


90 minutes
€ 80.00
Deacidification package
from head to foot
  • Salt-oil massage:
  • Cayenne pepper-jelly pack
  • Alkaline facial treatment with pure silicon
  • Ear candle treatment: cleansing and purifying effect


120 minutes
€ 105.00